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Aerial Collage of the new archipelago by Urban Nouveau ©dezeen.com

Does hearing the word ‘slum’ conjure up an image of shanty, dingy places with sub-standard (or worse) living conditions like inadequate water-supply and insufficient sanitation facilities? The land of the ‘urban-poor’, informal settlers in their informal income-generation means ‘struggling’ to survive in their informal settlements- the Slums.

In the late 20th century, the stigma regarding slums had developed them into a threat for urban society and the best solution seemed to be their eradication. That met with a lot of retaliation and the already existing condition as the slum-dwellers were left with no other option than to resettle, most likely in places with worse conditions for living. It was realized sometime later that slums are an innovative mix of residential and commercial urban-systems.

Even today, slums are considered as urban corners unfit for living, but now the efforts to ‘improve’ on them focus on a study and analysis of their formation and social inclusion strategies, and affordable development or redevelopment projects.

The following are 10 Architects/firms working on the redevelopment of slum…

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