10 Tips on architectural presentation for students — RTF | Rethinking The Future

Simple presentation ©archisoup.com

Students of architecture and design often get to hear- “your idea is as good as you present it.” The underlying thought here is that your idea should be justified, and then that should also reflect in your presentation. A good presentation does not act as a substitute for the lack of thought in the concept, it just enhances the communication of its various aspects.

As students of architecture and design, and later in the field as well, those who understand the basics of graphic design and presentation tend to have better communication with the jury panel or clients. Design ideas and the methods to achieve a design output differ from person to person but follow certain principles and logic. Similarly, while presenting an idea you could follow certain key points that give you a better appeal. Following is a list of 10 tips for students of architecture and design to help them with a good architectural presentation.

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